Monday, September 13, 2010

Hamlet meets Alcatraz!!

Dear All:

Exciting news! The "We Players," a local Bay Area theater group, will put on a production of "Hamlet" on Alcatraz Island from October 2 to November 21. Free tickets are currently available, but probably won't last very long. If you are interested, click the link below and get a free ferry ticket to Alcatraz.


"We Players’ production of Hamlet will fully inhabit The Rock and stimulate awareness and conversation around the themes of incarceration, isolation, justice, and redemption.  We Players’ designated audiences will have unprecedented opportunities to enter parts of the island ordinarily closed to visitors. In addition, the park’s regular visitors will encounter performance environments throughout the island that will enhance their experience of the space and its history and provoke contemplation of project themes."



  1. Thanks for posting about this event!

    This production of Hamlet is going to be AMAZING. And while it's true that no one will be turned away for lack of funds, the building of this production (costumes, sets, rented rehearsal space, etc. etc.) was NOT free, obviously.

    I just want to remind people that in order for companies of artists like We Players to survive, we have to support them appropriately, and as best we can.

    This is professional theatre. And/but since the stage is a National Park, We Players cannot sell tickets, but can only invite donations in exchange for reservations.

    This show will likely be some of the best, most exciting theatre to be had in the Bay Area. People pay $80-$120 a ticket for shows in downtown SF.

    I think that the $60-$80 per reservation donation that this company is requesting (which does include the round trip ferry to the island) will prove to be the best money you've spent on theatre in a long time. :)

  2. This production will rock the rock! It has an amazing cast- and if anyone saw We Players production of Iphegenia last fall- you remember what a mesmerizing "set" the prison is. In this production the audience moves to different places instead of sets being changed- all wheelchair accessible too. "We" will go places the tour is not allowed to- this will be soooo interesting and dynamic. Go see it! I'm coming form New York to see it!