Monday, September 6, 2010

Essay 2 Prompt

Draft Due Date: 9/23 (5%)
Final Revisions Due: 10/05 (10%)

Using the techniques we discussed in class, perform a close reading on ONE scene from The Birdman of Alcatraz (1962). You may choose to examine the linguistic, semantic, structural, or cultural elements of this scene, but you must limit yourself to one and only one scene. A scene, for our purposes, can be considered a 30-90 second self-contained episode in the film; examples may include: the introductory credits, the marriage scene to Stella, the death of Reddy, etc. The choice of scene selections is entirely left up to you. However, be certain to choose a scene that you can thoroughly examine in 3-4 pages.

Further, your essay must have a clearly stated thesis: don’t be afraid to telegraph this statement by including language like: “This essay argues/examines ___________.” Your essay will be evaluated on the clarity or your argument, the soundness of your evidence, and how well you use the close reading techniques we discussed in class. , be judicious in your choices, and make sure to select a scene you can adequately analyze in 3-4 pages.

This essay should be in 11 or 12 pt Times New Roman font, with conventional margins. For other questions regarding stylistics or formatting, consult the link to Duke University’s MLA Style Guide on the course blog.

For any other questions, please email me.

Good Luck!

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