Monday, October 11, 2010

Day of Action/Reaction: A Rally Visit

October Seventh was a day that many I talked to had no idea what
was going on. They hadn't heard about the Protests and Sit Ins
against the increases in fees and defunded of higher education.
Many classes were not cancelled around campus, especially in the
math and science departments. Your English class was the only
class that was cancelled on my schedule. I did skip the other
three classes on my Thursday schedule to attend the major rally on
Sproul Plaza.

My first impression of the Rally was of disappointment because of
it's small showing. The speeches were impassioned but lacking in
any sense of future accomplishment from this Walk-Out. I talked to
a few minority students that thought their enrollment was too low
and should be expanded. It's true that the Hispanic and
African-American populations are sorely lacking from this campus
and I sympathized with his cause.

Shortly after the major gathering I left to meet up with some
friends and went on to have a great day hiking in the hills of
Tilden Park. I am upset at the budget cuts, but it's hard for me to
really feel impassioned and angry when I feel the fees at least for
my family situation is very affordable, especially for the quality
of education for the University of California.


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